Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Khongkhapan Thai Invulnerability Charm

This is an old video clip(BE2497) of Archan Chum ChaiKiri, a Khongkhapan master. LP Khong who was the former abbot of Wat Ban Suan was a teacher of AJ Chum ChaiKiri.LP Khong Si Rim the former abbot of Wat Bansaun who has studied the magic from Phrakhru Sit Tha Ya Pha Rat that studied the magic from Wat Kow Oor.Indirectly himself was a student of Samnuk Khao Orr, the famost mystical school from Phathallung. Wat KowOor has more than 120 year history of making good Amulets.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

DIY Bucha

Today I am going to tell you how my friend made his Lord Ganesha Bucha. According to him one must find a beautifully made empty Bucha.The Bucha must be as perfect as one can find. I mean all facial and bodily features must be clearly defined and complete. Size can be anything according to ones liking. But preferably some Feng Shui measurement taken into account.

Than come the ingredients. He collected 7 small Lord Ganesha pendants from various popular temples, some made of metals(brass, lead etc) and non-metallic (plaster, brown soil, wahns etc) and placed it inside the empty Bucha. He than cover it plaster of paris.

Next stage bring it to the temple and left it with the Chief monk for 7 days for them to pray. Usually they will add some Yan at the base of the Bucha.

The longer the better.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Khata For Business

This is a Khata for doing business. Can chant for any Pra if intention is for increasing business. Can use to make holy water and sprinkle at business to increase business volume. Best if prepare with 1 lighted red candle, 3 lighted jossticks and 3 fragrant flowers.

Master khata for business:

A Hik Salika Yang Yang Put Tang
A Kat Cha Hik Salika Ting Ga Ra Nang Taa Wang Ka Wa
A Hik Ma Ma Su Wa Po Ta Go
A Yang Ra Cha Sawanna Wan Naa Salika Nang Ma Ho Sa To Pi Yang Ma Ma

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Power of Thai amulets - Takruts

Believe it or not. Demonstration of the power of Takruts by LP Chamlong, Wat Sri Ayuthya.( Takruts are metal sheet usualy made of either copper, lead, silver and other alloys, inscribed with magical ancient Thai diagrams rolled into a small cylinder, imbued with special chants, usually hang on the neck or tied at waist level)

Nice and enjoyable to watch. But don't try it at home.This not a D-I-Y project for the curious mind.

Interested! Get it direct from the temple yourself. Can not affort to take even calculated risk from sources outside the temple.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Powerful Chant for Thai amulets

As an enthusiast of Thai amulets I have collected many khata for various pra(amulets). If one were to have collect 10 pra than there will be 10 different khata specifically for each one of them. These are provided for on the paper wrapping supplied together with the pra when purchased at shops or collect directly from temples. If we find it difficult to practise memorising each khata for each pra there is another option.

This practice is simple yet powerful. In fact even at major conscreation the ceremony sometimes started with chanting of the below 3 prayers. Thereafter followed by the others. This is a general khata yet powerful one.


Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammaasambuddhassa -(three times)-


Buddha"m"m gacchaami
Dhamma"m"m gacchaami
Sa"ngha"m"m gacchaami

Dutiyampi buddha"m"m gacchaami
Dutiyampi dhamma"m"m gacchaami
Dutiyampi sa"ngha"m"m gacchaami

Tatiyampi buddha"m"m gacchaami
Tatiyampi dhamma"m"m gacchaami
Tatiyampi sa"ngha"m"m gacchaami

3. RECOLLECTION OF THE BUDDHA (3 or 108 times)

Itipi so bhagavaa araha"m sammaa-sambuddho
Vijjaa-carana-sampanno sugato lokaviduu
Anuttaro purisa-damma-saarathi satthaa deva-manussaana"m buddho bhagavaa Tik

Saturday, June 13, 2009

How To Collect Thai Amulets- A Simple Guideline

How To Collect Thai Amulets. This guidelines are for beginners only. Experts may differ in their approach.

Here are a few guideline for starting a collection.
New colletors are advised to start collecting for those items direct from temples. The best is to visit temples themselves or done by their trusted friends or relatives.

In the beginning it is safer to start with new Thai amulets. They not expensive and lesser chances of fakery. If it happen not to be genuine it won't cost that much.

Start with established popular temples. Value appreciation are better for Pra from well known temples.

Those staying outside Thailand are advised to purchase from reputable dealers. Please note not many are available. Use the service of friends who are more experienced to recommend such a reputable dealer.

Experience told me it is better to buy from trusted friend. Some collector may want to upgrade their collection and may want to dispose off some of their earlier items.

Stay away from cheap items sold on E-bay, namely the USD9.99 price range. It doesn't mean all e-Bay sellers are peddling fake items. Even from reputable and trusted websites, the prices maybe 4 to 6 times higher than the prices in Bangkok Thailand, sometimes more. Cost of shipping and postage may be added on top of this. Some even try to profit from the handling and packaging also. Good Thai amulets especially the old ones are very expensive even in Thailand itself.

Buy books and magazines that show the popular amulets and their batches. However most of them are in Thai language.There are about 20 Thai amulets magazines published every month. Alas all in Thai language. We can only benefit from those clear pictures shown if we don't know Thai. But enjoying looking at the picturs is satisfying enough experience.

Time the visit to Thailand with major Thai amulets competition dates. Visit the show and get the feel of seeing real top grade amulets from Thailand. All amulets before competion will be examined under the close scrutiny by a few experts in this field before allow to compete. Fakes will be weeded out. Bring some extra cash in case you would like to own some of the award winning items. Don't be surprise to own one because amulets from the new catogory maybe within the reach of our purchasing power. Chances of ownning a 1st prize not so old Somdet maybe around USD800.

How To Collect Thai Amulets- A General Introduction

How to collect thai amulets. It all started 25 years ago. One of my grand dad's friend found an interesting small piece of palm covering metallic Thai amulet on the railway track. It was the Phita Leklai. Some may call this as Phakawam which is good for protection against sharp objects, accidents and evils. He was working with the local train company and was part of the engineering team. He gave it to my grand dad who gave it to my brother who was than in the army. As usual his interest widen, taste becoming more discerning and expensive.

Later it was passed over to me. The seed of Thai amulets collection has been planted. Since I was still schooling and young I don't have enogh pocket money to spare for my new hobby. I have to be satisfied with whatever the elder members of my family handed down.

Serious collection began when I started working where some spare cash are available. I started with buying all those that are beautiful. To me beautiful is a good as powerful. The more artfully created and painted the more power I think this particular piece of Thai amulet has.

In the next post I will write more about amulet collections. More news and tips coming in the near future from this blog. I have close friends in Thailand who themselves are keen collector and can update me on the latest happening about the world of Thai amulet. Keep coming back for more. This is just my maiden article to get the blog started.